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Elana "Lana Shittles"

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Kirbopher15 - Episodes 29, 35, and 36/37

Jon "That Black Guy" - Episode 33

Simon Gannon - Episode 34

Ace - Episode 38

Nancy - Movie: PotLR

M. Alice LeGrow - Episode 42

NathanGraves989 - Episode 43

Lanipator - Episode 44

Windaria/ThatAmbrosiaChick - Episode 44

Dietrich0711 - Episode 45

The Idea

One day, Megami33 had some of her good friends come over. Said friends included KrisRix, Roll002, and MaxSkate2001. They were all sitting about in Megami33's dungeon basement, engaging in general asshat-ery.

No one really knows just how the idea came up - maybe it was inspiration from LittleKuriboh; maybe it was Roll002's and KrisRix's unhealthy obsession with Sailor Moon; maybe it was the crackpipe KrisRix was passing around the room... The real story is unknown even to the creators.

However, one thing is certain. The second the idea was brought up, MaxSkate2001 whipped the DVDs for Season 1 out of thin air. His ability to reach into an interdimensional pocket in space to pull out those disks was truly a work of grace.
It was either that, or he brought them over from his house a week later. But we like to stick with the interdimensional story - it has a nice ring to it.

From that moment on, none of their lives would be the same.