February 2, 2012:

Episode 50 is here!! :D Thanks so much to all those who entered the contest for your contributions! And of course, thanks to all of you for the support!

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Sailor Moon: The Abridged Series, also known as Sailor Moon Abridged, or just SMA, began late in the summer of 2007.

The creative minds include Megami33, KrisRix, and Roll002, with added input/voices by Judgement915, with current guest star LittleKuriboh, with previous guest stars WhipOfAlchemy and MaxSkate2001. SMA's new editor, as of episode 44 and onwards, is Elana "Lana Shittles"!

With their powers combined, they have created a labour of love that mocks Sailor Moon from every possible angle.

Do you love Sailor Moon? Then this is the site for you.

Do you hate Sailor Moon? Then this is also the site for you.

Do you have no idea what Sailor Moon is? Have you never seen the show? Then this is the site for you, too!

Catch up on an abridged version of the series that captured the hearts of millions, caused many people to claw their eyes out, and bewildered the rest.

And you can donate to keep Sailor Moon: Abridged running! Those who donate over $25 dollars will receive a special drawing signed by the cast.